Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mountain of God

What is real?

What is beauty?

Be greeted by the songs

of birds sounding from

fragrant recesses and

purling rills of water

descending in narrow

channels beside

stone stairs you ascend.

Flanked by stately cyprus

candelabra and expanses

of emerald green slopes,

encounter fountains shimmering

in their pools,

curved stone balustrades,

the verdancy of palms.

Past purple jackaranda,

trailing bougainvillea,

venerable old olive,

red roses, you tread.

The varied pathways

make you hear your

own footsteps augmenting

awareness of holy environs,

skirting on the edge of mysteries.

Statues of victorious eagles

direct your gaze outward,

from the heights, across

the Bay of Haifa

to the Door of Hope.

Turning upward, sight

the exquisite Shrine,

the Queen of Carmel,

standing domed and pillared,

the focus of forces

of divine civilization -

the center of these gardens.

The orisons of Zion

swell from hearts within;

the orange trees outside

bear fruit

glowing in the sun.

Tears of joy and burdens are shed

behind rich wooden doors.

Wonder throbs in

an atmosphere of

awe emitting from

sweet-scented Threshold.

Communion of souls

gives birth

to sacrifice and meaning,

directions sensed for future grasp.

Walk from prayers with

reverence as a pilgrim

from the terraces to a far-

flung arc. Faces

beam and breaths are

held beholding archives of

sacred relics and resting

places radiant with luminous light.

Here monuments of

living knowledge and justice

and love are housed

in white marble. Along

this horizon gleams

the promise of

peace, a noble caring

for the family of nations,

a cherished gift

for future generations.

This celestial vision is more

than a treasure

of thought or a spirit

yearning for unity.

Attain your heart’s

longing – the end of one journey,

the beginning of another.

It is real.

It is beauty.

Copyright © 2004 by Paul Mantle

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